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Sice jsem již dostal několik vyděračských emailů,ale dnes přišel v trochu jiném podání a v závěru bylo uvedeno mé pravé heslo,které jsem používal třeba zde.Adwarecleaner nic nenašel,Microsoft Security Essntials také ne.Ještě zkusím Eset online sccaner.Heslo jsem pochpitelně změnil,ale nějak muselo uniknout.Co poradíte dál ? Děkuji.

What's up,
If you were more scrutiny while caress yourself, I wouldn't worry you. I don't think that playing with yourself is really bad, but when all your friends, relatives, сolleagues receive video record of it- it is definitely terrible for you.

I placed malisious soft on a web-site for adults (with porn) which was visited by you. When the object press on a play button, device starts recording the screen and all cameras on ur device begins working.

Moreover, my virus makes a remote desktop supplied with key logger function from the system , so I was able to save all contacts from ur e-mail, messengers and other social networks. I've chosen this e-mail cuz It's your working address, so u must check it.

I think that 780 usd is pretty enough for this little false. I made a split screen video(records from screen (interesting category ) and camera ooooooh... its funny AF)

So its your choice, if u want me to destroy this сompromising evidence use my bitcoin address: 1AwZczPAvnGqWN8DgaaWNtfuT54uk7Pcnu (BTC)

To pay with BTC, use localbitcoins.com or other analogic website, or just bing for other means.

You have one day after opening my message, I put the special tracking pixel in it, so when you will open it I will know.If ya want me to share proofs with ya, reply on this message and I will send my creation to five contacts that I've got from ur device.

P.S.. You can try to complain to police, but I don't think that they can solve ur problem, the inquisition will last for 5 month- I'm from Serbia - so I dgf lmao

P.P.S. One of your passwords: xxxxxxxxx

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