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ALERT! I'm hacked you and stolen you information
E-mail byl zařazen do složky Doručené na základě přesunu pomocí protokolu IMAP. V případě potíží doporučujeme zkontrolovat nastavení poštovních klientů.
Hey petrkopatko@seznam.cz,

I have to share bad news with you.

Approximately few months ago I have gained access to your devices, which you use for internet browsing.
After that, I have started tracking your internet activities.
Some time ago I hacked you and got access to your email accounts petr.......@seznam.cz .
Obviously, I have easily hack to log in to your email.

Your password: lor.......66

One week later, I have already installed Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all the devices that you use to access your email.
In fact, it was not really hard at all (since you were following the links from your inbox emails).
All ingenious is simple. =)
This software provides me with access to all the controllers of your devices (e.g., your microphone, video camera and keyboard).
I have downloaded all your information, data, photos, web browsing history to my servers.
I have access to all your messengers, social networks, emails, chat history and contacts list.
My virus continuously refreshes the signatures (it is driver-based), and hence remains invisible for antivirus software.

Likewise, I guess by now you understand why I have stayed undetected until this letter...

While gathering information about you, I have discovered that you are a big fan of adult websites.
You really love visiting porn websites and watching exciting videos, while enduring an enormous amount of pleasure.
Well, I have managed to record a number of your dirty scenes and montaged a few videos, which show the way you masturbate and reach orgasms.

If you have doubts, I can make a few clicks of my mouse and all your videos will be shared to your friends, colleagues and relatives.
I have also no issue at all to make them available for public access.
I guess, you really don't want that to happen, considering the specificity of the videos you like to watch, (you perfectly know what I mean) it will cause a true catastrophe for you.

Let's settle it this way:
You transfer $400 USD to me (in bitcoin equivalent according to the exchange rate at the moment of funds transfer), and once the transfer is received, I will delete all this dirty stuff right away.
After that we will forget about each other. I also promise to deactivate and delete all the harmful software from your devices. Trust me, I keep my word.

This is a fair deal and the price is quite low, considering that I have been checking out your profile and traffic for some time by now.
In case, if you don't know how to purchase and transfer the bitcoins - you can use any modern search engine.

Here is my bitcoin wallet: bc1qzt20c3hx0u4k3hdxtps2ghapuzjtqwe7sthkm2

Things you need to avoid from doing:
*Do not reply me (I have created this email inside your inbox and generated the return address).
*Do not try to contact police and other security services. In addition, forget about telling this to you friends. If I discover that (as you can see, it is really not so hard, considering that I control all your systems) - your video will be shared to public right away.
*Don't try to find me - it is absolutely pointless. All the cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.
*Don't try to reinstall the OS on your devices or throw them away. It is pointless as well, since all the videos have already been saved at remote servers.

Things you don't need to worry about:
*That I won't be able to receive your funds transfer.
- Don't worry, I will see it right away, once you complete the transfer, since I continuously track all your activities (my trojan virus has got a remote-control feature, something like TeamViewer).
*That I will share your videos anyway after you complete the funds transfer.
- Trust me, I have no point to continue creating troubles in your life. If I really wanted that, I would do it long time ago!

Everything will be done in a fair manner!

One more thing... Don't get caught in similar kind of situations anymore in future!
My advice - keep changing all your passwords on a frequent basis

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Předmět Autor Datum
Ahoj, včera taky stejný e-mail, asi teď nějak jedou 😳😳…mě stihli poměnit hesla všude (steam,epic,ea)…
Naan 20.07.2022 00:57
1. Pro každou službu mít jiné heslo. Pamatovat si ho není potřeba, protože je uložené ve správci hes…
RedMaX 20.07.2022 07:54
Další plus je, že se dozví o pokusu kdejakého vobejdy dostat se na jeho účet. nový
Kurt 20.07.2022 09:21
Přesně tohle mi přišlo taky. Co jsem zjistil tak ano, někdo se dostal do emailového účtu. nový
petr1254 14.09.2022 20:04
Vyhrabat dotaz po 5 měsících a napsat blábol. Gratuluju! nový
host 14.09.2022 20:18
a vis co mas delat? cetl jsi vubec ty odpovedi? poslední
brum brum 14.09.2022 21:05
brum brum

1. Pro každou službu mít jiné heslo. Pamatovat si ho není potřeba, protože je uložené ve správci hesel a uživatel si tak pamatuje jenom heslo do správce hesel.
-----Napriklad pouzivam sprace hesel Keepass. Soubor s databazi svych hesel si synchronizuji mezi jednotlivymi zarizenimi. Aplikace Keepass existuje pro Windows, linux a Android, teda je vsude, kde potrebuju.
2. Vsude kde to je, pouzivat dvoufazove overovani. Google, Microsoft ho nabizi pres standardizovany autentifikator nebo pres telefon. Steam ma dvoufazove overovani pres vlastni aplikaci Steam Guard na mobilu. EA, Ubisoft ho nabizi pres email, proto je dobre si ten email dobre chranit. Podobne maji dvoufazove overovani i dalsi sluzby. Kdo to pouziva, tomu se do sluzby uhadnutim hesla nedostanou!

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