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Nova major verze fajn toolu na praci s databazemi.

DBeaver 7.0 is our new major release. Changes since 6.0:

    Tasks management: data transfer, backup-restore, SQL execution
    Data viewer and data editor UI major improvements:
        GIS/geo-spatial viewer
        JSON viewer
        Logical columns, primary and foreign keys
        References panel
        Advanced row coloring 
    SQL editor major improvements:
        Smart-commit mode
        Enhanced SQL parser and auto-complete proposals 
    Git integration
    SSH agents and jump servers support
    And a lot of other great things 


    We increased number of supported drivers to 81
    We closed almost 2000 issues on GitHub. 

Thank you for your support! Changes since 6.3.5:

    SQL script execute task:
        Support of multiple scripts was added
        Support of multiple connections was added
        Configuration wizard was completely redesigned 
    SQL editor:
        Auto-complete proposals were colorized
        Auto-complete for table column possible values
        Synonyms are now resolved as tables 
    Data viewer:
        Filter panel auto-completion was fixed
        Value viewer panel refresh was fixed
        Boolean column transformation was added (view numeric columns as checkboxes) 
    Import from CSV: column mappings was fixed
    Popup panels unexpected close was fixed
    Invalidation of dead SSH tunnels was fixed
        Type cast for updates and filters is now used
        Timestamp scale edit was fixed 
    SQL Server:
        Driver version upgrade (to 8.2)
        Data import for IDENTITY columns was fixed 
    MySQL: permission editor supports schema masks
        PL/SQL parser was fixed
        Comment editor for views and functions was fixed
        TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE support was improved 
        GIS (geometry) data types support was improved (by @stefanuhrig)
        Table column drop was fixed 
    OmniSci: driver version was updated.
    Linux: UI freezes were fixed
    A few minor UI improvements (icons, English localization, ERD colors, shortcuts)
    A lot of minor bug fixes 
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